• schlomo

    Cant wait for the Man this year!!

    We got a 40ft schoolbus that will be riding around looking to pick you up for adventure, Halcyon!

  • Raven

    you are always at the coolest things …. get the juices flowing for BM??


  • Jin

    This was a special event. Tree house / El Circo was a great vibe.

  • napalm

    GREAT vid!! Nice to see you at LIB ;o) Thanks for this

  • John Cangiano

    Hey John, nice to meet you! I attended last weekend’s blissful LIAB event with some friends, and had the time of my life! Thanks so much for all the love and effort that went into making the video . . . it’s truly brought me back to being there, many, many times now! Funny thing (for me, at least!) . . . you actually captured a glimpse of me sucking on a beverage in the Tree House, at the 3 minute, 24 second mark of the video . . . I believe that was shortly before a very magical moment occurred Saturday, which we all experienced in the Tree House tent, in the late afternoon . . . you know, one of those oh-so-rare, indescribable moments in life that you know you’ll remember forever, when everything just seems to stop, and everyone around you totally connects with each other, and you’re just so fortunate to be part of it all . . . very primal, very tribal, and very intense, in only the best of ways! Thank God for all those beautiful people, and the ever-so-talented DJs that treated us all so well. Hey, I live just north of you, also by the beach in San Juan Capistrano, just off the 5 . . . so if you’re ever up here or just passin’ through, be sure to look me up . . . my wife and I would love to say hi, and thank you in person for sharing this wonderful video! Peace

  • Day Light

    Greattttt timeee!! So lovely!

  • Clintus McGintus

    looks like it was a blast. I saw Micki in there.

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