Any mechanics want to chime in?

I’m buying a beater RV to bring to Burning Man.

Which should I weigh heavier? Age or mileage?

I’m debating getting a ’91 with 100K miles Seems to run good.
For the same price I could get one about 5 years older, but half the mileage. (example.

I am NOT a mechanic, so “easy to fix” is much less important than, “rarely breaks down.” I’d rather have fewer, but more expensive, repairs.

age or mileage?

  1. #1 written by KrApfruit May 20th, 2007 at 05:21

    I’ll be following your search for this with some interest, Hal, since I have a business idea that’s not terribly different, revolving around a retrofitted stepvan/box truck. Of course, in that case, since I’d like to be using it every day, perhaps not in as long stretches of driving but reliably operational, ease and low cost of repair trump frequency of need of such, though low-levels on both would be nice, too.

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