It has been 24 hours since grandpa passed.

Thank you so much for the overflowing kindness and warmth. I truly feel the love for Grandpa and my family.

It has been especially wonderful getting notes from his old associates – people who he mentored in the church over the last 8 decades or so. He was beloved. He was kind. He was gentle. He accumulated almost no wealth and yet was wildly successful. He questioned his beliefs throughout his life…shedding the ones that didn’t resonate with his soul.
He lived in gratitude and tried to think God’s thoughts to be a tool of the divine.
He made the weight of his life matter for what he believed in. He was a peaceful warrior.

I’ll be talking/writing/editing video about him for a long time. Because he has made me who I am and remains a part of me…always.

I’ll leave you with a scan of one of my favorite pictures of him. I found the original news clipping yesterday while cleaning out his room. This picture always reminded me that Great Men are not just of myths. Great Men can walk beside you and be your peers. They can be your grandparents. And they can be You.

grandpa & mlk

  • Kung Foodie

    the things you and Caleb have shared together online, with all of us, is so wonderful. a soulful harmonic digital resonance. his vision of becoming the butterfly exploring new dimensions is something that will live on through many more people now. what a lovely gift. blessings and hugs to you.


  • Big Butt Nicole

    Very sorry to read that your grandpa passed. I’ve just discovered your site and hugnation and grandpa caleb. Anyway, deepest sympathies for your loss.

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