HUGNATION today at 1:00

It”s HugNation time!

I’m looking forward to hugging you today at 1pm.  If you can’t Join us in the video lounge, hug yourself wherever you are!

(gloves from Shueslut)

LAST WEEK’S HUG (plus “Optimism Tax” story):

Online Videos by

A PR firm was going to do a release about the HugNation webby win so I gave them this background info:

I’m a 36 year old digital explorer. I won my fist Webby award in 2000 for my personal site,  Since then I have continued to explore the digital frontier through text, pictures, animation, and most recently video. 

When I first was introduced to the web over a decade ago, my thought was , “Now we can all have our own TV station!” Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the last year that bandwidth and technology made that vision come true.
I created The Pink Broadcasting Company (PBC / / as my one man TV network.  I write/produce/host/and shoot all shows on the network. And distribute them all via Veoh Networks.  
  I finally have my own TV network…and it costs me nothing. I haven’t been this excited about the web’s potential since I first discovered it.


HugNation is a weekly show/live event that is broadcast via the web. People gather in front of webcams and in a chatroom where we share some positive thoughts and a virtual group hug.

It is an experiment in “digital Intimacy”…using technology to connect to one another and help spread love.

The archived shows (aka “Hugs-On-Demand’) are then distributed on Veoh Networks. 


For several years, Hugnation was hosted by Halcyon & his 94 year old Grandfather, Rev. Caleb Elroy Shikles.   (   Grandpa Caleb passed 1 week before the webby nominations were announced.  Halcyon continues to host the weekly gatherings, every Tuesday at 1pm PST.

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