As I look outside my window, I can see the Hugmobile parked on the street.
It is 24 feet of pink glory.
I can hardly believe that 3 months ago, it only existed in my imagination.

But with the help of Spotman, John The Grease Angel, GriffinOne, and my Mom, I have adopted and transformed this neglected Winnebago into a pink chariot of love.

I’m tearing up as I write this.

I sometimes beat myself up for not doing everything I say I will. (How’s that book coming along, Johnny boy!?)

But I did it. I made my vision into reality.

And I truly feel that my grandpa was a part of the process. Not as some sort of overseeing ghost, but in the way he is a part of me as a mentor and guide.

To make sure he is also a part of the journey, GriffinOne & I mixed some of his ashes into the paint on both of The Hugmobile’s wings.

Of course, this is just the start. There is still Burning Man, and The Hug Tour, and all sorts of interior touches I’d like to add. But every day in Southern California will be a little bit pinker thanks to the birth of the HugMobile.

Am I proud? Yes, I am.

I think Grandpa would be, too.

griffinone 083

_griffinone 054

julyhuggy 019

  • serafaery

    Oh, John, it’s so incredibly beautiful! Better than I ever imagined it would turn out. Amazing!

    Eric just asked for an update this morning, as he’s making art installation plans and wants to make sure he has room for you.

  • serafaery

    Hey where did the rest of my comment go? I also said: we’re so excited to have you, and I think your Portland visit with our warm Portland vibe will be magical in unforseeable ways.

  • Jaya

    Oh! Congratulations! Bravo! Well Done! It is magnificent. Big HUG to you!

  • spotman

    Dude!!! Huggy is ROCKING IT!!! She is sooooo beautiful! Turned out perfect!

    oh, and YOU ROCK!!! A LOT!!!

    Can’t wait to see those wings flying down the road!!!!!


  • Kelly Fay

    Absolutely beautiful! I’ve made something for Huggy and you – how can I get it to you?

    “It is by what we ourselves have done, and not by what others have done for us, that we shall be remembered in after ages.” -Francis Wayland

  • Aimeeroo

    that has to be the greatest thing i have seen! it looks wonderful and i just have to tell you that i am so inspired by what you are doing and why you are doing it. big cyber hug coming your way!

  • chuck


    so cool that grandpa caleb is embedded in your hugmobile journey.

  • andar909

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

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