Last Day of May

Yesterday was pretty incredible.

I woke up to a glowing Yahoo article and Videos.
Which caused my inbox to be filled with warm fuzzies.
I felt like Grandpa was sitting next to me as strangers and old friends connected with me and reflected back the HugNation love.

It was like a glorious love bath.

But I was also busy, busy, busy after I woke up!

I drove downtown, met a lawyer, and had my deposition taken for a lawsuit that has nothing to do with me.
I listened to a Jacob lecture while stuck in a traffic jam.
I met with my Grease Angel (mechanic) for n RV introduction.
I added the RV to my insurance (and it made my premium DROP $30!)
Bought myself renters insurance.
Did a beta launch of
Saw the gorgeous, talented Natasha perform with WahBah.
Died my hair.
Slept like a baby.

I feel it so strongly, my body is tingling.

*Thank you B for the flowers!!!!*

  1. #1 written by Raven June 1st, 2007 at 16:06

    what a great vision … a love bath!

    great picture 🙂

    RE Q