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Today’s HugNation (What is Heaven?) – John Styn
  • Jello_bong

    Remember the “Your hair looks like shit” matchbook? It has never been more WRONG than it is today. I’m diggin’ the new hairstyle!

  • Edie Weinstein-Moser


    I’m a Cuddle Party facilitator based in the Philadelphia area. I was told about your powerful and profound work by REiD Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski who are the creators of this wondrous workshop. What would it take to get you out to the East Coast with your hug mobile? I have done free hug day in New Hope, PA . I also emailed REiD and Marcia about linking websites with yours. www,cuddleparty.com

    I know that your grandpa will always be with you, arms wide open…

    My website is http://www.liveinjoy.com and I would love to link with your site.

    This is an article I wrote that speaks about the free hug day experience.

    Please be in touch 215-738-8668 is my cell phone number. bydivinedesign@comcast.net is my email address.

    Infinite hugs heading your way,

    Edie Weinstein-Moser

    Love Is The Thread
    By Edie Weinstein-Moser

    Those words came to me in a dream a month or so ago and I knew exactly what they meant, no cryptic messages for me to interpret, simply a peaceful knowing of Truth (with a capital T). As I look back on my life; the past 48 years have followed a clear path, even when it seemed like it was meandering a bit. Guided by intuition and instinct far more than intellect and judgment these days, the flow seems easier. And yet, I have noticed a pattern that is woven through every 24 hour period. About a year ago, I had bought some yarn for a craft project I was working on; the fuzzy, rainbow colored kind that is often knitted or crocheted into a scarf or hat. It was sitting around doing nothing for awhile. A few months ago, I had treated myself to a hemp purse from Whole Foods where I now work, doing skin care demos for a product line called Perfect Organics. I was immediately drawn in by the multi-hued design on the front of the bag. I noticed that a few days after I brought it home, the purse started to come unraveled. I empathized with it, since I was having a first hand experience just like it on that particular day . Rather than taking it back to the store and exchanging it for one that was intact, I happened upon some of the extra yarn that was on my desk. I threaded a needle with a length of it and began to stitch up the gap. Ta-da! Seamlessly, the new thread merged with what was already there and it looked quite like there was never any missing piece. It has not come undone since.

    In the past few years, but even more powerfully and poignantly in the past few months, I have been delightfully aware of the ways in which the thread of my life has woven throughout a piece of fabric, the pattern of which I can’t yet discern from an aerial view. It has taken a great deal of trust to comprehend the reason for rending of the material at times, for stretching it at the seams, for having it get soiled or frayed. Each time that has occurred, I have picked up metaphorical needle and thread in an attempt to stitch it up and on every occasion, I have known that it is not just my hand guiding it. The Spiritual Seamstress has been holding onto it as it dives in and out of the material. She has also called together a veritable quilting bee of people to assist in creating a magnificent patchwork effect. It’s a pretty big table and each day, it grows as loving folks gather around it.

    I was musing with two friends yesterday on a road trip to Maryland where I was facilitating a Cuddle Party. I commented on the ways in which people with whom we become close, merge energies with us and we can’t help but take a piece of them with us and vice versa, but not in a co-dependent way. This intimacy need not be sexual, but when it is, the effect is heightened all the more. Perhaps that’s also part of the reason why those with whom we share emotional or physical closeness seem to be able to read our minds, complete our sentences and know the truth about us, even before we ourselves know it. That is also why I so enjoy the beauty and wonder I witness at these workshops. Yesterday’s was no exception. In the presence of 23 people, I sat in the Welcome Circle and shared with them the importance of being fully present and fully human, not only there, but in showing up for daily life. I was speaking to myself as much as to them. Throughout the day, I nursed a throbbing toothache that had originated in my sinuses. The last time I felt this way, was back in October when I was compelled to receive loving attention (: from my sweet and generous friend Jaz who lives in the San Francisco area. I made it through the day, and last night, someone who was present at the Cuddle Party, sat with me and worked with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I had been passingly familiar with this intervention that uses tapping on energy meridians, along with statements that get to the core of the issues from a complete body-mind-spirit perspective. What I came to realize after several rounds of this modality during which the pain diminished from a ‘6′ to a ‘1′, was how little time I allow myself to FEEL a full range of emotions. Sadness, grief, fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety; messy feelings all. I avoid them when I can and push through them when I can’t. Last night, tears flowing, in the presence of this new friend who cut right through the resistance, I recognized that the toothache was a metaphor for fear that I had “bitten off more than I can chew” in the healing work I do and in the realm of my own budding intuitive abilities. He fed me statements that spoke to being so opposed to feeling the emotional pain, that I had manifested intense physical pain instead. He also asked what it was that I wasn’t saying, what truth I was afraid to speak. That fell into the old patterns of people-pleasing and being who I thought others wanted me to be. I have become acutely aware of when I have sold my soul for love and acceptance and am no longer willing to pay that price. Twenty four hours later, the pain is gone and the emotional causal factors are up for healing.

    Today, my friend Ondre’a and I took to the streets of New Hope, PA (for those not familiar…think Greenwich Village, Key West, South Street or Haight Ashbury on the Delaware) bearing signs that offered FREE HUGS! What an experience. In a two hour period, we estimate that we each hugged 60 people. Maybe 10 said no, and a few actually exercised Cuddle Party Rule # 6 and changed their minds, crossing the street or turning back around to hug us. Some merchants invited us into their store and took pictures, one woman fell in a parking lot, while gazing at our signs and then hugged us. People got out of their cars to embrace us, some waved and smiled when we held up our signs. A grand motherly looking woman with a red coat and white hat that matched her snowy mane, initially declined and then thought better of it and opened her arms wide. A pink spiky haired, multiply body-pierced woman was on the phone, behind the counter of her store (aptly named “Love Saves The Day”) and said to the person she was talking to….”Hold on a minute, I have to go hug some customers.” A couple suggested that we come to Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ this summer to stroll the sand with our signs and open arms. One man nearly tackled us after accepting our invitation. A gathering of folks in a store were participating in a group hug as they said goodbye to each other, so we took that as a cue that they were cuddly people and felt pretty certain that they would be an emphatic “yes” to hugging. They were. Teen-aged boys and girls who we thought would be ‘too cool’ to indulge women old enough to be their mothers, eagerly joined in the fun, some saying, “Oh, we should do this too!” Biker dudes, college students, a man in a Nepalese wool hat, couples out for a stroll, parents and children, store owners and employees, all were eager givers and receivers.

    We handed out the kiddie valentine cards left over from the Cuddle Party. One woman saw us hugging people in an adjoining store and motioned us over and then melted into us, just sighing ~ A customer thanked her for ‘sponsoring’ this service in the store after we hugged her. The manager said that we had just wandered in, but thought it would be a good idea to do that some time.

    I felt nearly fearless, asking to offer love. How challenging that can be at times. Remember, I wasn’t asking to receive it, just to have it be received by someone else. I know I am not alone in that hesitation, with the thoughts, “What if someone doesn’t want it? What does that mean about me?” The truth is….nothing. These days, I am delighted to just put the love out there, as if it is spray of wildflowers in all its riotous colors and delicious aromas that radiate a few feet beyond its circumference. There will be some people who prefer orchids and no scent at all. That in no way minimizes the beauty that is before them. Another strand of love’s thread pulls through the fabric when I consider that dynamic. When there have been people in my life who have bypassed the wildflowers, I can look back and breathe a sigh of delight that if not for those perceived ‘rejections’, I would not have opened myself to receive in abundance, love offered from those who adore wildflowers.

    A gift of immense value came through in a message last week. It had to do with allowing my life to ‘just arrive’ and unfold as it does, without effort or judgment about how it should look. I have almost never done that, instead relying on micro-managing the details to see that things occur as I want them to. My friend REiD likes to ask: “So how’s that workin’ for you?” As I hear those words, I am reminded that every person in my life now with whom I have merged somehow, simply ‘arrived’ one day. Perhaps a day earlier, or a moment earlier, I didn’t even know they existed and here they (you) are all, the abundance in my treasure room.

    I found this quote while browsing, a short while ago and it so beautifully illustrates my take on the subject:

    “Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.” -Barbara DeAngelis

    There is nothing beyond the scope of love and nowhere to go to look for it. It never leaves us, because it IS us. It does not exist only in another person who can either supply it or withhold it, since it is not a commodity, although we are taught that it is. A month or so ago, I was gifted with a ceremony by my friends Janet and Phil. I had married them a few years ago and they were returning the favor. It was a wedding in which I married myself, complete with ritual, vows, something old-new-borrowed-blue, meditation, massage, music, tears and laughter. In a mirror, I vowed to love and honor my commitment to be my own Beloved and in Divine Dance with another, whenever that One ‘arrives’. I gave myself a celtic knot-designed ring with an amethyst stone imbedded in it. The truth is, if we are not willing to marry ourselves, why would anyone else want to?

    In this moment, I take a deep breath and offer love….full out, without hesitation or trepidation. It is there for the receiving, the immersing in, the passing by or passing on to someone else. It just is…

    And the pattern continues~ ~ ~ ~

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