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HugNation Clip: How to be Human while working for the Man – John Styn
  • Colleen

    This idea of “job as self-expression” is a bourgeois luxury.

    A lot of people who have a job that they don’t like, or one which they feel is in conflict with some essential element of themselves, well those people wonder, “how can I still be me, outside of my job? How can I make sure that my job doesn’t poison this person I think of as myself?” And that is hard, and you can spend your whole life doing it, and are hopefully happy with the results.

    The harder thing to do though, is to say, “Hey, how can I still be me, within my job? How can I take my shit job or how can I work for this company that doesn’t support say… a living wage for its workers in Thailand, and change my job to reflect things that are more me?” And to go from there, is a challenge, a big one!

    What I like best about what you’re saying is not that you want to work at this corporate job and still have pink hair and piercings and etc etc. (which *may* be something you want to do, and it is cool, but what I like is cooler still). What you’re saying is you want to work at this job and not just retain, but celebrate your humanity, your connection to the world and the people in it through love and celebration of life. Are you there to survive, or to thrive? And you’re checking off the box, or shimmering in the glittery rainbow spectrum part that’s colored pink. Pink, for thrive, baby.

    David Foster Wallace said it all better in his Kenyon College Commencement speech. Your hug made me wonder if you’ve read him. (RIP).

    Right on.

  • Halcyon

    I have not read that speech. I will look into it. Thanks!

  • chameleon

    in acting with integrity in life, it could be best to take a pragmatic strategy of partial efficiency…

    the pressure of being 100% spot-on is difficult, near the point of being totally unrealistic.

    however, if one chooses top causes that they want to advance with their life, and leave the rest to others who are more dedicated and informed, this could create positive changes without the debilatating pressure of perfection.

    for example, if a vegeterian chooses not to eat meat, but still drives a car without a carpooling passenger, and pays taxes that fund bad things, and uses a phone company that wiretaps, it may be better that they concenrate on the vegetarian stuff, getting more involved in it, developing other best diet practices, and spreading the idea to others.

    people should celebrate the positive efforts that they and others make, rather than concentrate on the bad things which are unavoidable for them. when people nit-pick someone who’s trying to make an effort, it has a negative effect, like the naysayer who criticizes biodiesel because there are some emissions, though less than the regular diesel.

  • Nato TUKE

    well put, well put.

  • Katrina

    You my friend are wise. Very well said.

    Much Love!


  • Halcyon

    Thank you, Kat!! ((HUG))) to you!!!

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