HugNation is today at 1pm PST. *
Honestly, my brain is so full of love and hope and humility and confusion… we’ll see what happens.

I do plan on showing a new video I just finished from the Playa. So hopefully we can discuss the lessons of surrender and perspective that it touches on.

See you at 1!

If you missed the first Video, it showed the GLORIOUS pink parade and a Hug from last Wed. at Burning Man.

Regardless… I LOVE YOU.

  • Jello_bong

    I don’t know who the man is that you’re hugging, but he absolutely takes my breath away. I could totally surrender….

  • Halcyon

    That is Destin! 🙂

  • Vennie

    i live in reno, nv, and i love burning man. i haven’t yet been blessed to go – maybe someday – but i love the “presence” of it. i can always feel it passing over the city. it’s hard to explain, but i know u understand. i just watched your video “Burning Grandpa’s Ashes” Burning Man ’07on youtube and cried my eyes out. you are anointed by the divine ones and peace and love eminate from your soul. bless you for being you and a BIG hug from me.


  • Halcyon

    Thank you, Vennie. I look forward to an in person hug. And yes, I totally know what you mean. 🙂

  • Nato

    I went to burning man for my first time this year. I was invitied last minute and with a quick google and researching on burning man so i was prepared, i found your blog. I watched a couple of your videos and read things you wrote and was quite intrigued by your individuality and how genuine you are! I went to burning man, photographed my life away and also kept my eyes open for you. I had forgotten your location in the playa but hoped I would run into you. I hadnt but who knows what faith will do. I will soon be launching a travel section on my site with burning man photos in it…check it out! Also if my stupid blog was working, i would have been updating constantly… (i need to fix this)

    <3 Nato TUKE

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