thoughts on Nature, Sin, and Free Will

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While I love the idea of “getting back to nature,” I recognize that nature is a vicious place.

Most of the creatures on the earth spend their time trying to 1) avoid being killed, 2) finding enough food so they don’t die, and 3) having enough sex so that their species can continue.

This is a far cry from the calm breathing, and babbling brooks that we often imagine when the word “nature” is uttered.

The natural order of things is aggression. It is perfect in it’s balance…but it is not peaceful.
Evolution is NOT about “Survival of the most compassionate.”

Even human children, while beautiful and perfect, also have the seed of aggression.

This capacity to resort to violence is our “original sin.”

Of course, there is nothing sinful about it.
In fact, there is perhaps nothing more natural.
You don’t consider a hawk sinful for killing a mouse, do you?

So it is silly to think of this violent nature as anything but natural.

It would be a pretty evolved hawk that decided that causing harm to another creature was wrong.
It would also be a pretty dead hawk before long.

But the homo sapiens’ gift (as well as burden) is that he can train his mind to think outside the natural cycles and patterns.

So, while it may be “natural’ to destroy an enemy, one could choose a more righteous path of turning the other cheek.
And although it is perfectly within the natural order of things to eat meat, one could choose to avoid killing animals in an effort to minimize overall suffering.

These are hard choices. But this, I believe, is the true meaning free will.
Not that we are free to make a choice…
But that our choices can take into consideration concepts far beyond mere survival.

This is what it means to be “made in the image of god.” It means we have a teeny tiny piece of the divine consciousness.

Humans receive the priceless gift of evolved emotional consciousness.
Of course, we are cosmic infants with only a trace of this gift. So we struggle endlessly with our emotions and easily default to the most base (least human) of these, such as fear and anger and judgment.

But the miracle is that we have the capacity for the other end of the consciousness spectrum. The capacity for joy. The capacity for LOVE.

Not just romantic love or sexual love, but divine love.

It is the ability to make choices based in LOVE that is the heart of free will.

It is through these choices that we overcome “original sin.”

It is through this higher path that we reach peace/nirvana/heaven.

When Christ is said, “get to heaven through me,” he was saying, the only way to evolve past the savage cycles of survival is by following in his path.

And the path he demonstrated was one of making choices based on a higher good.
Away from animal dominance and towards pure love.

The Heaven he speaks of is not a place…but an awareness. And Jesus was absolutely right in that we can never attain the awareness while we are tied to earthly things.

Buddha used the word ‘attachment’ and warned of the suffering that is inherent in the cycles.

Both men, and countless evolved others, said the same thing.
And each teacher tries to find a system that facilitates this unlearning process.
Unlearning the values and patterns of “survival” living – and clearing out the blockages between our animal “mind” and the cosmic consciousness/love/force/source/god.

Our spiritual path is our journey from animal thoughts to god thoughts.

And it takes constant practice.


  1. #1 written by Kelly Fay February 11th, 2008 at 20:36

    Beautifully said.

    RE Q
  2. #2 written by Surfie February 15th, 2008 at 11:00

    Thank you. This is the most sensible and forthright explanation of sin, etc. that I have ever heard.

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  3. #3 written by SisterJulia February 17th, 2008 at 13:10

    I’m wondering why this disappeared from myspace…did it cause problems?
    I’m glad to ba able to re-read it here though

    Big Hugs

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