first 15 min of today’s HugNation (unedited)
I talk about my experience as a counselor for emotionally disturbed boys and how it led to my path as a “light spreader.” Bottom line: Go towards light, not away from dark.

  • Soali

    thank you! for all the kids out there who remember one word, look or moment 10 years later..

  • Heleana -

    Hi John,

    Thanks for this video – I’ll happily join you on the light spreader camp! Your comment about how some nonprofit organisations risk ending up embodying the problems they set out to solve is right on the money; I think of the NGO child abuse scandals in Sudan as a clear example. At the same time, whether we see our purpose in life as a dark fighter or a light spreader, the key is not for us to get caught up in a story about how one is better than the other, which I see a lot of, sometimes.

    Ironically I bet the people who were criticising your work don’t do either!

  • Halcyon

    So true, Heleana!! Our “stories” are not our friends! 🙂

  • SisterJulia

    Hey! That’s my usual line of work too!
    I never feel myself to be fighting the darkness, but definitely needing the strength to be on the battlefield, to witness and comfort, hold and lead in sometimes the darkest places…and that strength comes from filling my life with people brave enough to be joyous in the face of ridicule, belittlement and their own doubts.

    So Thankyou for being one of the brave ones!!


  • Olorien

    Halcyon –
    I used to work overnights at a children’s treatment facility. The energy that these kids would bring in would just be haunting. So I’d spend a minute for every child, about 7-11, praying against the dark and for the light. This was exhausting, but if I didn’t pray, I’d feel the darkness picking at me. People think I’m silly, but in my experience there’s a weight and consciousness to Evil. I lasted about a year. I feel like it had a positive impact. During my time there, not one client had to be held. Months after I left, three had already been held and counting.
    The point I guess is that there is spiritual warfare. But as the Lord instructs, do not dwell on what is not Nobel or what is not Good. Is our sin nobel? Is it good? He instructs us to focus on the Glory of God, Jesus Christ, who, I believe, might be, the opposite of a black hole, a positive singularity pushing more light and energy into the universe to ignite every proto-star/soul into full star/spiritual awareness.

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