Today’s Hug

We had a lot of new visitors, and they added a wonderful vibe!

  1. #1 written by SisterJulia February 8th, 2008 at 15:34

    Hi Halcyon

    Yesterday I was missing some of the lovely squashy friends I’ve hugged in the past, and today life (via suzi blu) brought hugnation to my screen…squashiness worldwide!

    I noticed this line in your about me:

    Sometimes when people are explaining things to me in a warm way, I get a blissful tingling sensation. I’ve called it “the feeling” since I was a kid.

    Lale! I call this feeling Lale…and I’m loving the concept of digital intimacy, as I’m currently finding lots of internet communication like that… lovely lale true communication, communion in action.

    It’s been a pleasure to meet you in this internetty way. Lale indeed.

    Hugs from the UK

    RE Q