Today’s HugNation Topic: “WWSCD?” (What Would Santa Claus Do?)

LiB 2008
Today’s HugNation Topic: “WWSCD?” (What Would Santa Claus Do?… a look at the power of Gifting)

While the fire and naked people certainly draw your eyeballs and make for great photos, it is the idea of “gifting” that has provided the most profound lessons for me from the Burning Man community.

At Last weekend’s LA Decompression event I had an unofficial “Hug Summit” with Mikey (of Mikey’s Hug Deli) and we talked about the magic of gifting and how it can be a dramatic force in the default world as well as the insulated Playa. Maybe next time Juan Mann (the Free Hugs guy) can join us.

On today’s HugNation I want to get into a little of what we discussed.

Join us live at 1pm or look for the archive!

pics from the Hug Deli:


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