Week of humble connections

Sometimes I feel like I publish things into a huge vacuum. And, actually, I slipped into that mindset earlier in the week.
“I don’t promote enough.”
“I don’t work on SEO enough.”
“I don’t get enough views.”

But I found my way back to a peaceful headspace. I reminded myself that I publish because I love to share stories. I enjoy an audience, but it can’t be what motivates me.

Just follow the flow, and let go of the outcome.
From that place, I felt the joy again.

Of course, with perfect cosmic timing, as soon as I let go of the “audience,” I got TWO humbling reminders from the universe:
1) One of my most significant spiritual teachers, Jacob Glass, posted my 4th of July card on his blog.
2) The author of one of my most inspiring spiritual books, Rob Brezsney, linked to me from his newsletter.

Color me tickled pink.

  1. #1 written by Devilish Southern Belle July 12th, 2008 at 13:06

    I still don’t get all this SEO stuff, but apparently it’s very relevant to blogging. Guess I should at least attempt to learn more.

    RE Q