Zen Diagram

During last week’s HugNation, I created another “Halcyon-ism.”

(Of course, in that last sentence, I created “Halcyonism”…which is a Halcyon-ism.)

I was talking about how people are far more alike than they are different.

And I was trying to help people visualize the overlap. Kinda like the old Venn Diagrams we see in school. (Two circles overlapping – like the mastercard symbol.)
Except, the whole point is that, even though we *think* we are all unique and different, we are far more similar.
So this human similarity could be graphically represented by two circles almost entirely on top of each other… a “Zen Diagram.”

Watch the video to hear more about how we need to stop identifying ourselves by the tiny things that make us different…and start seeing ourselves as part of that overlapping whole.

(‘Belief Buffet’ & ‘Six Degrees of Non-Separation’ are other Halcyon-isms I use frequently during HugNation.)

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