…there was CollegeClub.com & Student Advantage.

I was the “Tom” of CollegeClub. I had 4 million friends and had my face all OVER the place. INCLUDING the sides of keg cups, stickers, and a bus.

Months before CollegeClub’s IPO, the first tech bubble burst. Their business plan fell apart and the value of my stock options was zero. I moved on to webcam-based communities, and new companies took their shot at the college space.

posters of my screaming mug were on most college campuses:

over-zealous Spring Break promotion:

It was an amazing place to work. This was a more dream-filled and optimistic time for the web. I remember sleeping in the office many times… dedicated to the dream of changing the world. I still work with many of my old colleagues including Bennett from freshecho.com & Dmitry from Veoh.com. My brother and sister-in-law even met while both working there.

This was back when people still said, “Oh, I don’t do computers.” And those of us who “got it” were a part secret club.

It was a magical chapter of my life.

*It was while working here that I (unknowingly) introduced the world to the high profile fraud, “Kaycee Nicole.”

  • slinkerbell

    ha, that’s so funny! i didn’t know that about you:) i mean, i knew you were big, but 4 MILLION FRIENDS?!

    i love hearing stuff about you, you’ve lead such an awesome and interesting life. glad i get to be part of it!

  • Andrea

    I loved CC at first, but then it became a spam filled, porn-out offer EVERY second of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I luv me some porn, but it was overwhelming.

  • Denise

    That is so funny. I used to work for CC also promoting them on campuses. I loved it!!!! I earned stock also, which as you know did not make me rich! lol That is where I firstmet you hahaha. You were on the side of my cup everytime I drank out of it!

    Not sure if I ever put any of the stickers or posters up. I think I kept those to myself. I always have thought you were hot! lol Fun days!

  • Halcyon

    Awww, such good times!!

  • Halcyon

    Well CC is long gone now. 🙁 RIP, pornland!

  • Lydia Hwang Vosovic

    Hi Halcyon!!
    I was doing searches online when I came on your blog. How funny!! I am now married with 2 kids. Can you believe it? So good to see your face even if it is online. Not sure if you remember me but I was the Chinese founder.

    Lydia 🙂

  • Halcyon

    Of course I remember. How cool to “see” you, too. Married with kids, YAY! My brother & Jen S. now have 2 kids, too. ((HUG))

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