Flat Stanley Visit

flat stanley

(my cousin’s son is in 1st grade in Colorado. He sent me "Flat Stanley" and asked me to take him around town. This is the letter I sent back)

Hi, Cullen!
I’ve been having a blast in San Diego, California.
Solana Beach, to be exact. Did you know it NEVER snows here!??

I did not get a chance to go swimming, but I have spent some relaxing time on the beach.

I also visited a "meditation garden" where there were lots of pretty flowers. I even took my picture next to the big fish in their pond.

They have most of the same things we have back home, like fast food restaurants, shops, and street lights. But they don’t have any mountains.

My favorite thing was the sunset. Because San Diego is on the West Coast, at the end of the day, it looks like the sun sinks right into the ocean! Cool!

I will be home soon. Please find some pictures from my trip attached to this email.

love and hugs,
-Flat Stanley.

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