my plea to light workers, manifesters, love ambassadors, and social media influencers!

I have been blessed with the job of hosting a new online show for called, “FEARS. REGRETS. DESIRES.”

So far, NBC has been extremely open to letting me take it in the direction of love (and merely using “fear and regret” as starting points for positive lessons).

But they are watching very closely.

This week I tested the waters a bit and talked about Byron Katie and positive thinking in the face of today’s Economy.
It would be AWESOME if I could get a bunch of comments (even short “That’s cool” ones) on this video to show the higher ups that there is an audience.

Seeing Eckhart on Oprah was such an exciting shift in the status quo. I’m hoping that NBC trusting me is another tiny step in that directional shift.
But to convince them, I need your help.
Could you leave a comment on the page? ( And blog or retweet the link if you see it fit?

Thank you for the time to read this. ((HUG))!

Oh, and please LEAVE YOUR TWITTER ID, or blog URL in the comments so I can give you a shoutout/linkback, etc!!!

-John Styn


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