Movemeber offer!

Last day of Movember!! Get a free DVD or sticker for donating!
**You can and should donate whenever possible…but this offer is only valid for TODAY. November 29, 2010**

Movember giveaway!

Free DVD &/or Sticker for helping my ‘stached friends with their Movember fund raising!

(Movember is a mustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for Prostate Cancer.)

Donate $5 or more to one of my friends teams for a sticker. $10 or more for a DVD. $15 or more gets you both!
(Just forward me your email receipt AND your mailing address. NOTE: it can be from ANY Movember team that you donate to during the final hours. Doesn’t need to be listed here.)
Click their names to go to their support/donate pages:

Casey & Rudy




  1. #1 written by Casey McKinnon November 30th, 2010 at 20:59

    You are a truly amazing individual, Halcyon! Thanks for helping us help the fight against cancer! Love you!! XOXOXOXO

    RE Q
  2. #2 written by Halcyon November 30th, 2010 at 21:01

    My pleasure.  (Miss you terribly, btw!)   <3

    RE Q