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My name is John “Halcyon” Styn.

I am a Lifestyle Artist.

My path is my work.

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entertainment: Host of HugNation

service:  Co-founder of 1st Saturdays Homeless Outreach, Co-founder of Pink Heart


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  • Bought first URL in 1996,, to migrate my xeroxed ‘zine’ to this new worldwide publishing system I heard about. Published a new funny story every Monday.
  • Worked as the very first Webmaster for Sony’s E-commerce Mall before they took it in house.
  • Sued by Fruit of the Loom for a parody piece called “Meat of the Loom.” I won.
  • Launched to publicly explore inward using this new medium.
  • Won the 2000 Webby for best personal website,
  • Was Spokesperson and Community Voice for the 2 million member web community from 1999-2001
  • Shot a TV Pilot “Hot Tub TV”
  • Coined term, “digital intimacy” to explain the real connections people have over the net
  • Explored webcams as a tool for connecting via the web. After developing CClive at collegeclub, created and ran, an experimental webcam community.
  • Hosted and ran “live audience” interactive webcam events like Virtual Grace, HugNation, and the Feel The Love call-in show.
  • Lived for 2.5 years in a 24/7 webcam house with night vision and audio.
  • Subject of an MTV documentary about living publicly.
  • Sam Donaldson said “Get a load of that guy! What an ego!” about me on the air at the 2001 Webby Awards.
  • I MC’d The SXSW web awards (live event) from1999-2003.
  • Won a second Webby Award with my grandpa in 2007 for our video podcast, HugNation.
  • Did the first ever “Hug Tour” in honor of Grandpa Caleb in a 24 foot pink RV.
  • cruise my neighborhood regularly on a pink fur bike.
  • host of the experimental project “FEARS. REGRETS. DESIRES.”


  • I cut off my long hair on a TV makeover show.
  • Had my first “real” date on the Gameshow STUDS.
  • Burning Man is a central part of my spiritual practice. (participant since 1998)
  • Pierced my right nipple in 1991 and my left in 2001.
  • I have no tattoos.
  • My best friend is my brother.
  • I tend to be very good at being in the moment. But much worse at remembering moments.
  • I forget everyone’s names.
  • Sometimes when people are explaining things to me in a warm way, I get a blissful tingling sensation. I’ve called it “the feeling” since I was a kid. Sometimes an interesting accent can trigger it. Sometimes a cold chill, or foreign accent helps maintain it.
  • My skin complexion is my weakness. I pick at my face and then get depressed when my face is a mess.
  • My personal mantra is, “love more, fear less. float more, steer less.”
  • I had a spiritual experience on a mountaintop in Turkey in 1991 and have been changed ever since.
  • I have walked on hot coals, sky dived, And naked bungee-jumped.
  • I hosted a weekly call-in radio show for almost 2 years.
  • I’ve had the personal licence plates: DEF MANE, C*CKY, HUGABLE, and HUG NATN
  • Lost my virginity or Prom night, right before my 18th birthday. Neither one of us climaxed.
  • I wore turtle necks every day for a year (10th grade) because I thought it made my ears smaller and my ‘pencil neck’ not-so-noticeable.
  • I wore makeup (foundation) during jr high and high school because of my complexion. Occasionally, I still do.
  • I was heavily into underground rap in 1988-89. I saw NWA and Public Enemy live. My rap name was “Def Mane.” I also saw Farrakhan speak.
  • My first car was a beige Volvo Station Wagon.
  • I Helped start a fraternity while in college.
  • I helped start the Lustmonkey, Bat Country, and Pink Heart Burning Man camps.


  • I am ordained in the Universal Life Church.
  • I have performed several unorthadox marriages.
  • I do not consider myself a Christian, but do consider Jesus to be one of my valued teachers.
  • I consider Alan Watts, Buddha, Gandhi, Byron Katie, Jacob Glass, Kyle Cease, Eckart Tolle, Mr. Rogers and MANY others valuable teachers, too.
  • I believe that a spiritual path is deeply personal. And whatever works for you is perfect.
  • I distrust anyone who knows “the true way.”
  • I do a weekly “Belief Buffet” broadcast before HugNation each week where I share ways that work for me.
  • I tend to believe what my grandpa believed, summed up in the title of a book he gave me: “All Religions Are True” by Gandhi.
  • I consider myself a spiritual infant.
  • I believe in love.
  • I love you.


Teachers/places/things that enrich my journey.


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