New Job. New City. New Flow.

Six months ago I was living off savings, while launching a Joy Coaching practice and working on an outline for a book. (Read: LOTS of hours on Facebook) Everything was going according to the leisurely plan I had worked out with my Coach, Karpo. But the direction of my Flow changed overnight. I was recruited … Continue reading New Job. New City. New Flow.

FreshRealm (pssssst, my new job!)

We will be releasing a press release soon. I’m chomping at the bit to share what we’ve been doing at FreshRealm. Side note: We are planning on developing the .co, not the .com. (But check out the .com, anyway.)

Work with me? (Developer)

I have been hinting at my new job in Ventura. I’m pretty damn excited about it. I hope to be able to share more publicly, soon. As we are ramping up, we are looking for a few in-house positions. One is a designer/UI person. (could be part time or possibly freelance.) The other is developer. … Continue reading Work with me? (Developer)

Lucidity 2013

I had an AMAZING time at this year’s Lucidity Festival. Super honored to be speaking there next year! (2013 site just launched)

99% + 1% = One

I am heading to the Occupy San Diego march tomorrow. I was asked by some people, "Why?" I am not naive enough to think life is fair and I am not smart enough to understand politics. I recognize that there is no simple solution you can write on a sign. But even if it will never change, I still think it is good to discuss these ideas and question "the ...

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Anybeat Intro

For our new community, we are encouraging people to do a heartfelt intro - modeled after the way our Burning Man camp does it. Answer WHO you are, not just WHAT you do. Here is what I posted. My name is Halcyon. I used to want to be famous. Now I want to spread Love. More and more my life has become about being of service. This is a much ...

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A moment of gratitude for Dmitry

Want to understand why I am so proud to work with Dmitry Shapiro? Read the first comment thread. I've known Dmitry for over 10 years. I knew him as he walked the entrepreneur path of "success." And I know the person that has emerged from a cocoon as a different being. Still a genius. Still with the same near-mystical ability to forecast trends and motivate teams. Still with all the skills & ...

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Neighborhood boy done good

Sign on my childhood church: notice in the local paper: my talk: Talking to my childhood church on June 25, 2011. (My "first sermon" said someone in attendance.) More on Pronoia, see Rob Brezneys' ( Huge thanks to Grandpa ( & Jacob ( who inspired big parts of the talk.

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