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Belief Buffet – John Styn

“Ego vs. Egotistical vs. Egoless” HugNation Feb 26, 2012

One’s ego can be in service to divine self. Or, in service to pride. Egotistical = being self-centered to the point of refusing to see others perspective or acknowledging the possibility of multiple “truths” Ego is the self on top of the divine I am. The roles and labels that define the character that we … Continue reading “Ego vs. Egotistical vs. Egoless” HugNation Feb 26, 2012

Choosing What you Answer + Post Hug Weirdness

Opening Mindfulness: “Choosing What you Answer” After the Hug, things got WIERD… “Soulmates, Consciousness & Learning” “Scale. Infinity, & The Universe”

Big Heart Bragging

2 min clip: FULL Broadcast: Traditionally, charity is something that should be done quietly and anonymously. But I think that should change. Public acts of good in the social media era is a beautiful thing. Instead of corporate charities filling our mailboxes with expensive marketing materials, we now get bombarded by friends and family sharing … Continue reading Big Heart Bragging

4 Lessons of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the plow by which a spiritual path is forged.” 4 Forgiveness Lessons: #1: Self Forgiveness #2: Forgiving Others #3: You are not the Proof #4: Forgive & Forget & Take Note Neil Gaimen talk: http://youtu.be/ikAb-NYkseI

“Integrity” Hug Nation 01.15.13

Thoughts on Integrity featuring Aaron Swartz, Lance Armstrong, & You. T. Thorn Coyle CLIP CBS Integrity Samaritan CLIP

“Practice makes Present” Hug Nation Dec 11. 2012

URLS mentioned: Marvin’s Store More Marvin Hug Nation at Flow Temple (Venice Beach) Steve Palvina’s Book Post “Practice Makes Present” INCLUDES: - NOW moment - Marvin Ong’s Bday Party - My past, I struggled to have the discipline to stick with something that I was not immediately good at. - For example, snowboarding. - If […]

“Lessons” Hug Nation Dec. 4. 2012

Life isn’t full of obstacles… it is full of lessons. This week I share a story of a late night “obstacle” that reminded me to see the lessons.

“Giving” and several awesome Happy Hour nuggets Nov 13, 2012

A clip on “Giving” as well as 3 superfun clips from Happy Hour. Power of Editing: Divinity Ramble: “Buddha, Jesus, and a guy who talked to God on Hallucinogens could all hang out together and enjoy some Hummus & a beer.” Space Ramble: Talk of positive thinking, Hypnosis, Placebo, Dark Matter, and all of reality.

“A Visit From Self Doubt” & “Manage Momentum” Hug Nation 11.06.12

Amidst a perfect weekend, I got caught up in suffering thoughts. How? Why? And how did I shake myself loose. “Decide to make yourself Happy” is easier said than done. But what it really requires is learning how to change mental direction quickly and MANAGE MOMENTUM!

“Defining Drama” Hug Nation Feb 28, 2012

A friend asked for a "no drama zone" during an upcoming weekend. The conversation that followed inspired this Belief Buffet dish. This recording includes the intro "mindfulness moment" (until 02:00) plus some Q & A from chat after the Hug. (starts at 25:21) Special thank you to all my courageous friends who speak (& listen) from their hearts.

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