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“Practice makes Present” Hug Nation Dec 11. 2012

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“Practice Makes Present”


- NOW moment
- Marvin Ong’s Bday Party
- My past, I struggled to have the discipline to stick with something that I was not immediately good at.
- For example, snowboarding.
- If you read a book a week on your subject, in 5-7 years, you will be a world expert in that discipline.
- The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.
- But that can be daunting, to look towards that far goal
- But practice is not just about getting to Mastery. thats a trap!
- Yoga- the whole point is Practice.
- Practice in the yoga sense is liberating. Whatever is happening in the Now IS the experience
- the Journey is the Destination
- Marvin Ong “when I first started, I practiced to be the best. Now, I practice to get present.”
- “Practice makes Present”
- It is in the NOW that life is experienced.
- Hugnation is an example of “practice makes present.” We’re not trying to get anywhere. It is an exercise in becoming present.

- Halcyon flows!

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Lucidity 2013

I had an AMAZING time at this year’s Lucidity Festival. Super honored to be speaking there next year! (2013 site just launched)

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“Lessons” Hug Nation Dec. 4. 2012

Life isn’t full of obstacles… it is full of lessons. This week I share a story of a late night “obstacle” that reminded me to see the lessons.

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“Karma” Hug Nation Nov 27

Belief Buffet Message: “Karma”

Post Hug Ramble (“teenagers, sex and body hair”)

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“Giving” and several awesome Happy Hour nuggets Nov 13, 2012

A clip on “Giving” as well as 3 superfun clips from Happy Hour.

Power of Editing:

Divinity Ramble:
“Buddha, Jesus, and a guy who talked to God on Hallucinogens could all hang out together and enjoy some Hummus & a beer.”

Space Ramble:
Talk of positive thinking, Hypnosis, Placebo, Dark Matter, and all of reality.

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“How important is Fame to you?”

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“A Visit From Self Doubt” & “Manage Momentum” Hug Nation 11.06.12

Amidst a perfect weekend, I got caught up in suffering thoughts. How? Why? And how did I shake myself loose.

“Decide to make yourself Happy” is easier said than done. But what it really requires is learning how to change mental direction quickly and MANAGE MOMENTUM!

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Yoga Thoughts – Hug Nation 4.24.12

TOPIC: “Yoga Thoughts” & “Tension. Release. Tension. Repeat.”
Hugnation 4/24

– NOW moment.
– I’ve been putting a lot of energy into spiritual growth and expression, but not as much into my physical development
– Part of being a human being is the gift of physical being in the world
– Yoga is not a collection of postures, that is ONE form of yoga.
– Types of Yoga http://www.abc-of-yoga.com/beginnersguide/whatisyoga.asp
– I am in no way an authority on yoga.
– beefcakey pictures on facebook.
– Yoga is a personal practice. a gift to yourself. subtle magical reminders to be present. Tuning into the experience of the now.
– The theory behind yoga resonates with exactly the things I’ve been talking about on Hugnation for years.
– Concept of a “practice”. There is no finish line for yoga, no end goal. Everyone has a practice.
– when you stop seeing your life as a process of getting places, and instead see it as a series of tasks at hand, a practice… it reduces stress anxiety.
– “life is a practice”
– the practice of yoga helps to remind us of the practice of life. life is struggle. a series of challenges we figure out.
– “obstacle” implies that something is in the way of a goal. if you change your mindset so life is a practice, there is no such thing as obstacles.
– Human consciousness is duality. God consciousness is unity. Life IS the rollercoaster.
– be present, have integrity, align with love.
– you always have a choice.
– we are characters in one another’s play.

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Hug Nation – April 17

What is Hug Nation all About?

Lessons from Lucidity:

Public Displays of Joy:

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HugNation on the road

Brodhi assured me he only listens, not watches, while driving.

If you want MP3’s only, check out itunes.hugnation.com!

Brodhi McClure enjoys a podcast on a rainy commute

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