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Writing – John Styn

8 Ways to Find Meaning In Life

8 Ways to Find Meaning In Life (A Download on my 42nd Birthday) As I approached my 42nd birthday, I hoped I had something profound to share. Afterall, Douglas Adams brilliant “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” clearly stated that “42” was the Meaning of Life. Oddly, I barely slept last night as the following thoughts … Continue reading 8 Ways to Find Meaning In Life


I’d only had coffee all day. Decided to get off the crazed rush hour LA streets and grab a bite to calm my body & nerves before driving the 3+ hours home. “NO PARKING AFTER 6″ It was 5:55… I rushed in to the cafe and asked for the item I thought I could get [...]

What 1st Saturdays is for me.

What 1st Saturdays is for me. It is a recalibration. It is a reminder of who I am and how blessed I am. It is a reminder of the kind of world I want to live in. I am reminded to be thankful for what I have. Thankful for the love in my life. Thankful for the people I meet along my journey. I am reminded that I am an ...

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The Meadow

A couple goes out into the wilderness and find a meadow. It is lawless and free. They have sex outside and shoot guns where they please. Awesome friends show up. They bring more awesomeness. Every spring, the meadow floods and washes everything away. It makes things challenging, but the awesome vibe just keeps growing. And people keep showing up. Pretty soon, it is just too freaking dangerous to shoot guns. ...

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Tribal Growth

I spent last Thurs-Sunday at Tribal Convergence, a "bi-annual gathering of Visionary Leaders from diverse regional conscious communities coming together as one Human Family to cultivate right relationships between ourselves, each other, and the Earth." (photo by Nick Heyming) It was a challenging weekend. I was outside of my comfort zone and it was good for me. Before I went, I felt I had things to share: whether Hug Nation ...

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Battling the Anxiety Beast

The first day that I was off my medication I was in another country. Dmitry and I had taken a long weekend to enjoy the tropical beaches of Playa Del Carmen. I should note that I had not intended to go off my meds. But I forgot to pack them. And my obscure anti-anxiety/anti-depressant was not available in the Viagra shops that pass as pharmacies in Baja. I had ...

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The Meaning of Life (The Greatest Game)

Imagine you are God. You are pure consciousness. You are the omnipotent creator. You have the ability to create universes. You have the ability to experience every supremely blissful sensation. (For, if you can create all things, you could certainly create a body with sensory abilities that could experience pleasure beyond imagination.) You exist beyond time and space. You are all things. You are the One. You exist in perfection. ...

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Morning Blessing (video, Mp3 & full txt)

  Download MP3  (right click, "save as") words by -Halcyon  music & production by -Maurico Andrades ending soundtrack by -John Murphy - "Surface Of The Sun" galaxy image by - Melissa Walter Good morning, you beautiful being. Welcome to this amazing day. As you shift from the dreamstate, and your eyes begin to focus, the world awaits to welcome you. Take your time…all is perfect and as it should ...

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