Hug Nation is about Love.

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Hosted by John “Halcyon” Styn, co-founded with Rev. Caleb Shikles

Hug Nation is a weekly, world-wide, Group Hug – started in 2001.

Those pesky oceans keep us from doing the weekly hug physically, so we do it virtually. Thousands of people around the world gather in front of computers to hug themselves and the people around them at a set time. Rather than a shared physical space, it is a shared mental space.

Regardless of where you are on Tuesday at 1-pm (PST), you can join the Group Hug.

Squeeze yourself in your car or in the supermarket. Hug your spouse or co-worker. Just visualize the thousands worldwide who are joining you at that moment.

Think of it as a sort of prayer — a communal expression of compassion. It is a weekly reminder that we are connected and we all far more similar than we are different. Everyone can use a hug.

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The world is torn apart. We need to connect. We need to be able to reach out and feel that there are people out there who care and love and feel like we do.

We need to be able to feel that — regardless of what soil our feet are planted on –our hearts are in the same place.

For the first time in the history, we have the tools to connect the entire world. The Internet may be a nifty place to buy your books online, but at its core, it is a way for ALL of us to connect to one another.

Now, more than ever, we need to use any tools we have to heal our planet. Will it work? A better question is, “Will we try?”